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Be part of protecting the rainforest and those who serve our planet

We need your support to continue this important work.

We rely heavily on donations to our 501c3 in order for us to continue conserving the rainforest and supporting our educational and social service programs.

We offer memberships to those interested in making continuous donations. Memberships include complementary stays at our retreat center facilities in Costa Rica and participation in our program offerings.

Your donation or membership helps fund:

1. Employing caretakers to prevent poaching of endangered species.

2. Trail maintenance, forest pruning, reforestation, habitat restoration, and necessary building construction.

3. Wildland Cooperative program in service to Wildland firefighters, veterans, youth, and environmental education for our greater communities.

4. Scholarships for program participants.

5. Equipment, machinery and supplies needed in order to maintain these projects.

6. Salaries for our staff members who have devoted their lives to protecting the earth's forests, and providing a sustainable future for our generations to come.


Not sure how much to donate? Click here for information about tax deductions.

For large donations or to become a member please contact us directly.